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Skin Prep

Skin Prep

The micro-organisms responsible for Surgical Site Infection (SSI) reside on the patient’s skin. The preoperative skin preparation measures ensures a defense system against SSI. One of the goals of SSI risk reduction is to decrease the bacteria count on the skin prior to any procedure while ensuring minimal skin damage.

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Hand Antiseptic Prep Hand Antiseptic Prep

3M offers effective hand antisepsis products that maintain the skin integrity. Hand antisepsis prevents nosocomial infections and the associated morbidity, mortality and costs.

Check out the CDC Guidelines (PDF 260kb) which promotes the use of alcohol-based hand antiseptics used in healthcare facilities.

Patient Prepping Patient Prepping

3M innovative Infection Prevention System comprises of body hair removal and antimicrobial skin prepping that are ideal for the preoperative skin preparation process.

The importance of Skin Prep

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection clearly emphasizes the significance of Skin Prep when it states - "The increased SSI risk associated with shaving has been attributed to microscopic cuts in the skin that later serve as foci for bacterial multiplication. Clipping hair immediately before an operation also has been associated with a lower risk of SSI than shaving or clipping before the night of the operation (SSI rates immediately before = 1.8% vs. night before =4.0%)."

View the complete CDC document (PDF 270kb)

Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection, 1999, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, p. 257.

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