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Innovative Architectural Lighting Design
to mix & manage light, brightly
  • Polymeric reflectors with up to 98% reflectivity
  • Maintain brightness & reflect true color
  • Form into almost any shape imaginable
Architectural Lighting Design Inspiration
to harness the light of the sun
  • Polymeric films capture & carry sunlight
  • 99% reflectivity keeps color true & bright
  • Use daylighting to reduce energy costs
Architectural Lighting Design Product Information
to bring your vision to light
  • Imagine your ideal lighting solution
  • Collaborate with 3M consultants
  • Design, create, & install the right light

3M LED Lighting and Daylighting Solutions

Fasara Films

3M Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD) combines nature with state-of-the-art technology to give you lighting that is renewable and consistent. This system transports sunlight into interior spaces - minus heat and harmful radiations. Hence you get natural light throughout the day. This means healthier interiors, pure white light, lower electricity and maintenance cost and green credits. The product is a solution engineered to your requirements -it comes in 3 diameters (10", 16" and 20") and to the exact length that your facility requires." Below this, put the subheading "Design Lighting and OEM solutions". Below that, the current existing text and images should come.

Design Lighting and OEM solutions

Explore new creative and technical possibilities in light fixture design with 3M engineered lighting solutions. Shape and transport LED light to an exact spot. Increase optical efficiency and reduce LED's in luminaires. Produce more light output with less energy. Capture and carry sunlight farther, truer and brighter. Whatever your vision, bring it to light with cutting edge solutions from 3M.

Image of light-mixing tape for use in edge lit LED lighting.

Image of decorative LED light rope (light fiber).
Image of uniformity enhancing Light Mixing Air Guide for edge lit LED Lighting applications.
Image of optical lighting film for use in light management for LED lighting applications.
Optical Lighting Film

Image of marine luminiare for using ship and marine LED lighting applications.
Marine Luminaire