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FlexN™ Membrane Technology

LifeASSURE filter cartridges are CUNO’s latest advance in membrane filter technology. Encompassing two cutting edge processes - FlexN membrane manufacture and Advanced Pleat Technology - the LifeASSURE series of filters offers unmatched protection of final membrane filters, as well as exceptionally long service life. Designed with pleated Nylon 66 membrane in an all- polypropylene cartridge construction, LifeASSURE filters are ideally suited for a wide range of pre-filtration and clarification applications in the beverage industry.

LifeASSURE cartridge filters incorporate CUNO’s advanced FlexN Membrane Technology (US and foreign patents pending), allowing unmatched flexibility in creating a multi-zone membrane that offers the maximum in contaminant holding capacity while maintaining high retention efficiency.

The SEM image at left shows that the single layer LifeASSURE membrane consists of an “open” zone on the upstream side of the membrane and a “tighter” zone on the downstream side. In effect, the open zone acts as a pre-filter by capturing larger particles and colloids while the tighter zone provides the retention of smaller contaminants. This multi-zone structure eliminates dual-layer membrane construction to provide a larger surface area, significantly increased contaminant holding capacity and longer service life.

Products with FlexN Membrane Technology
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