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PIV Identity Management Solution


3M Cogent has developed a fully integrated Identity Management Solution to meet the requirements for HSPD-12 programs that is compliant with FIPS 201-1 and related Special Publications. This solution, called the 3M Cogent PIV Identity Management Solution, is currently deployed and operational, enrolling government employees and contractors for the issuance of fully compliant PIV II identity cards. As a complete and market-proven PIV solution, the 3M Cogent PIV Identity Management Solution offers a low risk, cost effective means for federal agencies and departments to meet HSPD-12 requirements in a timely and secure manner.

Ultimately, 3M Cogent’s PIV Identity Management Solution issues any type of PIV compliant credential that:

  • Authenticates the identity of the cardholder
  • Controls access to facilities
  • Controls access to data and systems
  • Secures transactions with high assurance

To implement the workflow requirements specified by FIPS 201-1, 3M Cogent’s PIV Identity Management Solution supports the following critical enrollment services:

  • Sponsorship of employee and contractor personnel
  • Enrollment of sponsored personnel
  • Collection of required biometrics and biographic data
  • Capturing of a digital photo
  • Validation and storage of applicant identity documents
  • Background checks via connector to the FBI database
  • Local check for duplicates against the enrollment database
  • Secure loading of all relevant data records into 3M Cogent’s PIV Identity Management Solution IDMS/CMS system

Once a verified and approved card package is released for the production of a PIV card, the process can be managed on a local basis using local printing capabilities. The information can also be batched to a centralized service bureau that manages card production and personalization.

The 3M Cogent PIV Identity Management Solution also supports services that relate to the issuance, activation, and life cycle management of the PIV card, including:

  • Distribution of PIV cards to individuals or to activation locations
  • Attended or unattended card activation
  • PIV certificate(s) creation and loading on the card
  • Full life-cycle management of the PIV credential by 3M Cogent’s PIV Identity Management Solution IDMS/ CMS
  • Card personalization and printing, as required
  • Secure activation of the card through biometric authentication

The 3M Cogent PIV Management Solution is flexible, and can be configured to meet the unique requirements of different agencies and departments, including:

  • Integration with existing HR personnel management systems
  • Modification and adaptability of the highly secure IDMS/CMS workflow engine
  • Integration with large-scale COTS IDMS
  • Flexible integration with multiple directories, Certificate Authorities, and card vendors

In addition, 3M Cogent can provide additional PIV program support for both IT integration and program management requirements:

  • Integration with disparate physical access control systems
  • Integration with logical access control across the enterprise
  • Federated identity management and e-authentication support
  • Establishment of a foundation for interoperable identification with credentials from other agencies
  • Support for certification and accreditation (C&A) processes and privacy impact analyses (PIA)

CASE STUDY: Environmental Protection Agency’s EPASS
3M Cogent provided program management support and key integration services for EPA’s successful issuance of its first PIV cards prior to the October 27, 2006 deadline established by OMB. This program’s card issuance continues at an accelerating rate; the PIV cards produced have been certified by GSA as fully PIV-compliant. For the EPA, 3M Cogent provided the following services:

  • 3M Cogent PIV Identity Management Solution managed enrollment and card issuance (locally)
  • Full integration of the solution with existing personnel management systems and processes
  • PKI certificate generation and issuance
  • Achievement of full Authority to Operate (ATO)
  • Physical security system integration
  • Enrollment and issuance of PIV cards to both government personnel and contractors

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