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California Peer Service Provider Solution


3M Cogent offers a cost-effective, end-to-end, California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ) certified Applicant Peer Provider Service Solution.
As part of the solution, 3M Cogent provides field-proven and Cal-DOJ certified LiveScan units as well as the backend communication service to support your Peer Provider Service business needs.

LiveScan solutions are available for private agencies that need to fingerprint their own employees. For public agencies and businesses that wish to join the 3M Cogent Applicant Fingerprint processing network, partnership opportunities are available.

Perfect for LiveScan Private Service Providers

Weighing less than 4 lbs, 3M Cogent’s CS500e LiveScan for tenprint capture features a scanner housed in a slim, small footprint, and lightweight sturdy casing. The device captures high-quality rolled and flat fingerprints manually or automatically. The software guides the operator through the capture process with on-screen prompts and graphical displays. Real-time image quality check, sequence verification, auto-center, and auto-contrast functions ensure the capture of high-quality prints.

The data entry process is simplified through the use of drop-down menus for selecting descriptive information such as race, sex, hair color, and eye color. This not only speeds up the capture process, but reduces operator errors. The intuitive software and hardware also allows users to become proficient with very little training, making the CS500e LiveScan solution ideal for high-volume processing environments.

Secure and Low Cost Communication Service

3M Cogent is a well-established supplier of LiveScan products and services, with a data center in California that houses the Peer Communication Server to securely transmit transactions to Cal-DOJ’s Transaction Server. 3M Cogent’s Communications Server can receive fingerprint records from any FBI and Cal-DOJ certified LiveScan workstation, regardless of manufacturer, make, or model.

As part of the Applicant Peer Provider Service Solution, 3M Cogent provides the following business tools critical for your Peer Provider business:

  • Acknowledgement of receipt
  • Transaction usage reports
  • Prevention of duplicate transaction submission
  • Automated Cal-DOJ specific demographic table updates

Key Features of Cogent's LiveScan for Tenprint Capture

  • California DOJ and FBI certified hardware and software
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
  • Instant preview functionality
  • Automated, real time image quality and sequence checking
  • Automated fingerprint capture
  • Automatic calibration

Applicant Processing Services Information Sheet
CS500e Product Information Sheet

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