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Fiber Customer Premise Products

With the cost of optical technology on the decline, convergence of voice, video and data signals through optical networks has become a distinct possibility. 3M offers the ideal solution to meet the challenges for high bandwidth fiber cabling systems.

3M™ Optical Fiber Network Interface Device
3M™ Optical Fiber Network Interface Devices are designed to accommodate a wide range of fiber connectors to be placed in the customer premises.

3M™ Fiber Interconnect Products
3M™ Fiber Connectors with an industry experience of 70 years in adhesives, 40 years of ceramic technology and 30 years in fiber optic networks can meet our customer requirements worldwide. These are field assembled connectors that can be installed quickly and easily in FTTH installations.

3M™ Fiber Splicing - Fibrlok™
Fibrlok™ is a universal mechanical splice, which can be used wherever quick and secure splice connections are required. It obtains applications from overhead cable joints, in-ground joints, assembly shafts, cable branching boxes and building wirings.

3M™ Fiber Optic Cable Accessories
3M offers a complete range of cable assemblies and accessories to meet the growing needs of FTTH deployment, which include fiber optic patch cords & pigtails, attenuators, couplers and splitters.

3M™ Optical PLC Splitter
3M planar light circuit (PLC) splitters are fully passive optical branching devices that exhibit uniform signal splitting for the most advanced optical networks.

Telecommunications Products