Car Detailing Services

3M Car Detailing offers a complete range of internationally proven treatments applied by qualified 3M- Trained professionals. Approved and recommended by major car manufacturers, these are designed to help you maintain your car in pristine condition at all times, irrespective of its age and condition.


Keep your car looking as good as new.

Treatments that protect and ensure that the beauty and excitement of your car exteriors last longer, without any periodic attention.


Keep your car hygienic, safe and enriched.

Treatments for your car interiors to ensure that it stays that way, for years to come.


Keep your car protected.

Prevent the harmful effects of rust with unique treatments formulated to keep your car's underbody safe and intact.

Engine Performance

Engine Performance
Keep your Car rejuvenated.

The engine rejuvenation treatment restores power, performance, fuel economy and efficiency by removing carbon deposits from intake valves, combustion chambers and fuel injectors.